Just Call 1-800-758-2141

At Bonduel State Bank, we know how busy life can be. Utilize our 24-Hour Phone Banking System, an automated banking service, to assist you in taking care of your day-to-day financial transactions easier and faster than ever.

BSB’s 24-Hour Phone Banking System is part of our commitment to providing personalized quality service to our valued clients. With one toll-free call from any touch-tone phone, you will be able to execute transactions quickly and efficiently, any time of the day or night, when and where it is most convenient for you or your business. These banking hours will leave you free to get on with other important things in life.

Use any push-button telephone to perform a wide range of routine account activities, such as, verify your current deposit or loan account balance, review your last deposit amount, review your loan account transactions and complete deposit account transfers. You can also review your account activity by requesting a fax on demand. Best of all . . . at no additional charge to you.

Before accessing BSB’s 24-Hour Phone Banking System, you will need your account number(s) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). When accessing the system for the first time, your PIN will be the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Once you are in the system, you will be prompted to change your PIN to a maximum of 6 numbers of your choice. Your new PIN cannot be all zeros nor can it be the same as your previous number.

Call our 24-Hour Phone Banking System toll-free at 1-800-758-2141. You will be asked to make your selection from the Main Menu. After you have made your choice, you will be asked to enter your account number, followed by the pound sign, then enter your PIN, followed by the # sign. You will then be asked to enter your account type. (You will be given the account types and the corresponding numbers to press.) You will then be given the account menu options, listen carefully, and make your selection by pressing the appropriate numbers.

Call or stop by to learn more about Telephone Banking.